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TAFCO was started by the Arroyo Family in 2022. Darwin Arroyo, a Sunrise Police Officer, was infected by the COVID-19 virus while on duty. As a result of his infection, he became very ill and was close to dying. By the grace of God, through the endless prayers of family, friends and even strangers; he not only survived, but made a complete recovery which was truly unexpected.

During his hospital stay, Darwin and his family were treated with great kindness, compassion and generosity by those around him. The Arroyo Family now wants to return the outpouring of love with scholarships, programs and events that will aid the families of first responders and public servants that have been afflicted with injury, sickness or death. 


Our Mission

We strive to be an encouraging force for all first responders, public servants and their families. We will do anything necessary to provide the support and assistance to the warriors and guardians that keep us safe each and everyday. God has given us an opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world.

Come change the world with us, one smile, one hug, and one donation at a time!

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