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2nd Annual Pickleball Tournament

This year's pickleball fundraising tournament will be played on June 1st, 2024 in an effort to help fund all of TAFCO's missions. This particular event will benefit the Padron Family. Det. Padron suffered a gunshot wound while serving an arrest warrant on a violent wanted person in the South Florida area. This injury has prevented Det. Padron from serving the community he loves, but he is working hard to get back out there! So let's rally together to help him do that. 

TAFCO's 2nd Annual Pickleball Tournament_20240524_111239_0000.png

2023 Inaugural Tournament

Untitled design (2).jpg
Untitled design (2).jpg

Roll for the Blue: Wheels for Ayden

Money Raised:

50/50 Raffle

$900 raised

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